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Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

The tabs below will guide you to some helpful locations that we use, some more often that others.
SRF stands for Small Research Facility. Each department and building has some, each of varying function and size.

Here are the sites we use for components regularly, so should you wish to order a unit, we can get stuff from those companies without too much difficulty. The parts generally come within a few days, depending upon how long it takes to get through the university's system. For some items there is a lead time on the instrument/chip, however for most items there is no lead time, and the time from the order leaving the building and the item(s) arriving in our stores is within 48hrs (excluding weekends). At times, we may get special offers on some of the items, so it may be financially advisable to consult Kevin before ordering. For some items Kevin may need to ask your supervisor before ordering, so check that they are kept in the loop.

and less frequently; If you require an item from Mouser that costs under the £20.00 delivery charge limit, then we may wait for a period of time to build up a handful of items to order at the same time to get above this limit, or at least be able to divide the cost over a number of items. The length of time taken can be spoken about beforehand.

There are 3 workshops in this building (PTCL), of which Lab service have not yet started on a website. This faculty is in the PTCL basement, whose website you are looking at. This faculty is also in the PTCL basement (across the corridor from us)
(incomplete at time of writing).

The PTCL workshops are in regular contact with the workshops in the ICL, along with the workshop/lab services group from the CRL. We also speak on a regular basis to the stores, so if you wish them to reply we can potentially pass a message on.

Here are links to other SRF's in chemistry. If there are others not included in the list below, they are either not created yet, or the author cannot find their links.  This faculty is in the ICL and houses CASER (Centre for Advanced Electron Spin Resonance) This faculty is based in the CRL (primarily the basement, nothing on the lower ground floor) This faculty is based in the CRL basement X-ray Crystallography facility based in the CRL

More about those can be found here

There is an electronics workshop in the ICL that we communicate with on a regular basis, so should we need their expertise (or vise versa) it is available. Nen and Alex are both pleasant to speak to, and will help as best they can.

Each building has a group called Lab Services (sometimes called facilities), who deal with room refurbishment, pumps and maintaining the labs as whole. They have techniques, machines and experience for manovering heavy equipment around the lab and in-between buildings. The PTCL lab serveries also have a carpentry workshop, so should you need a wooden structure or support, they can produce it. Some also have dealings with gas bottles should stores be shut.

There are also stores in each building, each of various sizes. The CRL stores is the largest, so are most likely to stock the items required. The other two stores collect stock from there a few times a week. If you ask nicely, they may be able to pick items up for you or transfer them between buildings. The majority of items are dropped of in the CRL stores. The end location that it appears in, is dependant upon where your R12 order sent it to.

For emails addressed to us, they are on our 'people' page. For everyone else, find their full names from the list and use this formula "first name 'dot' second name" (with no spaces). If this fails it may be because some people use the email affiliated with their collage instead of the department. A list of everyone in the department. A list of all of the Professors, with links to their page. They may have a group site attached. The same as above; but categorised into sub-department. The chemistry safety website - the fountain of all knowledge (chemistry safety wise!!). For general non-chemistry specific safety (the central university safety website).

If you have any suggestions or additional links on any of the tabs that we may be interested in putting up here (on any of the tabs), please let Tim and/or Kevin know so that if appropriate, they can be added to the appropriate page.