PTCL Electronics

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

For repairs of equipment we require a completed decontamination form.

When filling it in, don't forget that you need to properly clean the unit. If not, it will be returned or thrown out depending upon how many times you have 'cleaned' the unit. On occasion, the unit may require cleaning after it is disassembled, however, we will speak to you about it when you bring it over.

The form should have the users name and contact(s) clearly so that we know who you are; we don't wish to try the wrong group (don't laugh, it has been done!). The form can be filled in on the computer, just so long as you don't sign it on the computer (the ink ruins some monitors).

On the back of the form we request that you state the fault with the unit with as much detail as you can muster. There may be an easy fix and we may only able to tell with this information. This has the benefit that should John (who does repairs) is of, it is easy for him to determine what can be done, and what order he wishes to do stuff in. Some items may just require a reset button pressed and then the unit tested (don't go prodding about if you do not know what you are doing!!). Should you find that we are not in and decide to come and visit us anyway with heavy/large equipment, please come and visit us when we reopen (our times are on the door), or send several of us an email so we don't dispose of your equipment.

The link (below) is another version from the departmental safety office. We only require page 3 for repairs, which has been singled out above and had a few things added to improve our work load.