PTCL Electronics

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

Electronics within the PTCL @ Oxford.

The electronics workshop in the PTCL consists of a team of six technicians, who produce a range of electronic equipment in collaboration with the mechanical workshop across the corridor. There is also an electronics workshop in the ICL who carry out similar work. For some jobs which need a large area to be assembled in or used, or (less often) the job needs a pump we communicate with the lab services group to determine if there is an area or pump available that would suit the job.

Along with producing new equipment, we also repair both out own equipment along with commercial equipment. We cannot always guaranty a fix for commercial equipment due to the complexity of the commercial environment; however, we can carry out most repairs.

Our area of expertise varies, from coils and the winding thereof, to the soldering of sub-miniature processors onto boards that are designed and built in-house. Some boards are made out of house; however those are (for now) few. We also have experience with high voltages in the region of 1kV up to 15kV.

We are open between 8:00-16:30 Monday to Thursday, and 8:00-15:30 on Fridays, with tea (for most of us) 10:45-11:15 and lunch 13:00-14:00.

Should you wish to visit us to pick stuff up during our closed times, then prior agreement is vital. If we are closed please contact us via email or come back later.

We are located in the basement of the PTCL. Our workshop telephone number is 75442 and anyone of us will answer.